Email Scam Alert

Fraudsters posing as employees of MountainOne may contact you via email. The fraudulent email subject line may read “You have received a secure message from…” or something similar. THIS IS A SCAM. This email is a phishing scam meant to trick you into clicking on unsafe hyperlinks and providing your personal or work credentials (Usernames/Passwords), including email. 
What to do: Do not click on any unfamiliar links from MountainOne, even if it appears to have been sent by someone you know or to whom you have previously spoken. Instead, simply delete the email. If you have already clicked on a hyperlink and provided any credentials, we strongly recommend you change your impacted usernames and passwords.
We have received multiple reports of this scam from employees and customers. Here is a sample fraudulent email:

Email Scam Sample

For further assistance, please call MountainOne’s Customer Care Team at 855-444-6861.
Thank you,
Your MountainOne Fraud Prevention Team