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Have you met our spokesgoat, Mo? Having a mountain goat as a spokesman might seem a bit odd to some people, but hear us out. Goats are just tough. As a species, we mean. They turn challenges into opportunities every day. And even in the most demanding, unforgiving environments, goats know how to adapt and thrive. Maybe that’s why they were the very first animal to be domesticated by early man.

And Mo is not just any goat. Born in the hills of western Massachusetts (just like us!), Mo is the embodiment of MountainOne employees – a.k.a. mountaineers – and all they do to guide our banking, insurance and investment customers. Mo is sure-footed, trustworthy, and resilient. Especially when the terrain gets slippery.

Mo is a reminder that at MountainOne, banking isn’t just on our minds; it’s in our nature.

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Mo Facts. Height 4 feet 5 inches. Weight 110 lbs. Vertical leap 5.3 ft. Favorite hobby rock climbing. Favorite karaoke song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Favorite exercise goat yoga. Favorite bank New Kids on the Block





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