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Summertime Severe Weather Safety: Severe Thunderstorm Straight-Line Winds

The weather can change quickly during the summer months, sometimes catching outdoor workers off guard posing a serious threat to their safety. When working outdoors, make sure you have access to severe weather alerts, and know what—and what not—to do if severe weather strikes.

If a severe thunderstorm warning cautions against straight-line winds, seek shelter immediately, preferably in a building and away from windows.

Do not use electrical appliances.

Be aware that trees can be uprooted by straight-line winds. Seek shelter in a hallway or a room that is farthest away from any tall trees.

Don’t underestimate the power of strong thunderstorm winds, which are known as straight-line winds! They can reach speeds of 100 to 150 mph.

Avoid taking shelter in a vehicle—it can easily be overturned by straight-line winds.

By Zywave, Inc.