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5 Important Facts About Life Insurance

  1. You can save money by getting life insurance while you’re young.
    Life insurance is the most affordable when you’re young and healthy. To give some perspective, premiums increase an average of 258% between age 25 and age 50 for men.1
  2. It’s another good reason to quit smoking (or vaping).
    Smokers pay two to three times more than nonsmokers. And life insurance companies usually treat e-cigarette users just like smokers, so you’ll likely pay more if you vape.2
  3. You can get life insurance without a medical exam.
    Most life insurance companies now offer simplified underwriting, where you can skip the medical exam (although this will usually mean higher premiums).
  4. Life insurance through your employer often isn’t enough.
    The median life insurance payout for employer-provided coverage is either $20,000 or one year’s salary.3 If your family relies on dual incomes, as 54% of American households do, this won’t be enough.
  5. It isn’t as expensive as you might think.
    A healthy 30-year-old can expect to pay about $160 a year for term life insurance, yet many millennials estimate it to be about six times higher.4

Life insurance is a smart way to protect what matters most. Contact us today.


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