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7 Home Theft Prevention Tips

Your home should always keep your family and possessions safe by keeping out any unwelcome visitors. But unfortunately, a report from the FBI found that a home theft occurs every 13 seconds, with an average loss of over $2,400.

Thefts can happen in any neighborhood, since an experienced thief can enter any building. Help secure your home with these seven theft prevention tips:

  1. Keep all of your doors and windows locked, even when you’re at home. The FBI estimates that 79% of thieves enter a home through an unlocked window or door.
  2. Get to know your neighbors so it’s easier to pick out strangers in your area. You can also think about forming a neighborhood watch group through your local police station to discourage thieves.
  3. Walk around the outside of your home from a thief’s point of view. Try to look for any objects that could break a window or door, and hide any valuables you can see from the outside.
  4. Never hide a key to your home outside. Instead, give a key to a trusted friend or neighbor. If you must hide a key, keep it in a combination lockbox instead of out in the open.
  5. Keep lights or a radio on when you leave your home to make it look like someone’s there. Most thefts take place in an empty home, and thieves will probably move on if they think someone’s there.
  6. Install a home security system. Many modern systems can even let you check up on your home or change settings through a mobile app.
  7. Call us at 413-449-5301. We’ll work with you to ensure that all aspects of your home are protected from thieves and other threats.

By Zywave, Inc.