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Health Care Power of Attorney

Unlike a living will, which is usually reserved for terminally ill individuals, a health care power of attorney identifies the person who will make decisions on your behalf and carry out your wishes if you are incapacitated. Here are some things to consider when creating a health care power of attorney to manage your medical care.

Selecting an Individual

Choosing someone to make medical decisions on your behalf is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll have to make. When it comes to selecting your health care power of attorney, make sure to pick someone who:

  • Agrees with your views and uses proper judgement
  • Will stand up for your medical preferences
  • Feels confident enough to speak with medical personnel about your wishes
  • Remains calm under pressure and in high-stress situations

Outlining Your Medical Wishes

In addition to selecting a reliable individual to be your health care power of attorney, you must also determine and outline your medical wishes. Though traumatic medical situations may be hard to imagine, you must take them into account and determine how you want your power of attorney to proceed in these circumstances:

  • If your medical state deteriorated to the point that you could no longer speak or eat, would you want aggressive medical treatment to prolong your life?
  • Would you want to be resuscitated or kept alive if you suffered from severe dementia, advanced Alzheimer’s disease or a traumatic brain injury?
  • If there is minimal or no hope of recovery, would you want your life prolonged with a feeding or breathing tube?

Be Prepared

Even if you are perfectly healthy today, you never know what health complications you might face later in life. Designating someone to be your health care power of attorney now can provide you with ultimate peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will still be carried out if you become seriously ill or incapacitated in the future. For additional lifestyle and well-being guidance, contact us today.

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