An Employer’s Guide: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

In the first sweeping legislation for the new 117th Congress, H.R.1319, a $1.865 trillion-dollar COVID-19 relief bill, becomes law. In addition to providing direct assistance to many Americans, namely through $1,400 in income tax rebates for eligible individuals and an increased child tax credit, the legislation also contains many provisions related to health insurance coverage […]

Prevent a Scare with Preventive Care

Every now and then, we stumble into those situations we categorize as “too good to be true.” “There’s just no way”, we think. We’ve been duped before and won’t fall into that trap again. But here is something that really and truly is good and believe it or not, it’s related to your insurance. I’m […]

Making Cents of Financial Wellness

As many employers are well aware, health care costs and saving adequately for retirement are two of the most pressing financial issues facing Americans—regardless of income level—today. For employees, health and finances are impossible to separate. As employers seek to build trust and form lasting relationships amongst their workforce, financial wellness programs have moved from […]

Back to the Basics: The Human’s Guide to Medical Insurance

Back to the Basics: The Human’s Guide to Medical Insurance Let’s face it – 9 out of 10 of us don’t fully understand how our medical plans work, and this confusion has a tremendous impact on both our health care and our finances. As we approach what is likely Open Enrollment season for many of […]

Take Control Before You Enroll

We get it: benefits are complicated, and choosing the right medical plan for your unique scenario can be quite challenging. It’s no surprise that choosing the right medical plan is a challenge, and study after study has found that the majority of us ultimately choose the wrong option, putting our health and finances at a […]

Combatting The Great Resignation with Great Retention

Recent polls show that over 40% of US workers are actively searching for a new job. The costs of losing an employee range anywhere from 25% to 200% of annual salary due to lost productivity, hiring a replacement, and training the new employee. In addition, there are the intangible costs of impact on the work […]

Are Your Student Loans Causing You to Put Your Life and Savings on Pause?

I think we can all agree there are few things that can steal our joy as quickly and easily as having debt. If we were to pinpoint one type of debt that has delayed recent graduates from saving for retirement, it’s student loans. While the CARES Act provided a brief respite for those in need, […]

Focusing on Financial Wellbeing is Key to Improving Total Wellbeing

While financial concerns are less pressing than earlier in the pandemic, many Americans remain worried about meeting some basic needs. About three-in-ten U.S. adults say they worry every day or almost every day about the amount of debt they have (30%) and their ability to save for retirement (29%). Roughly a quarter say they frequently […]

The Power of Employee Engagement Surveys

The one constant in business is change: employees are looking for growth, businesses merge, companies shrink and grow, leadership shifts. Add that to all the “normal” changes in a global pandemic and we find ourselves at the perfect time to reassess and measure the degree to which our employees are engaged at work. “We are […]

Strategies for Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

It is well known that employees who are caregivers are experiencing high levels of burnout from balancing work and caregiving demands made more difficult by COVID-19. As we head into the third year of the pandemic, employers continue to strategize ways to enhance family support not only to combat employee burnout, but also as a […]

How the Physical Workplace Can Aid in Getting Your Workforce Back to the Office

When crafting workforce strategies to get out ahead of the Great Resignation, most employers often overlook this key ingredient: the physical workplace. Rebecca Sarkosi, Associate & Director of Interior Design at QA+M Architecture, joins the Friends with Employee Benefits podcast this week to discuss how employers can leverage their office space to help their employees […]

Mental Health Mender: How To Better Understand and Manage Your Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is a lifelong journey, and there are many different tools to support you through it. But understanding which tools would best help you in different situations can be hard. That’s why OneDigital has created this episode of Byte-Sized Benefits focused on making mental health a little less complex through […]