The Future of the Workforce: 8 Key HR Trends to Watch in 2024

A new year is here, bringing new trends and areas of focus for HR professionals. According to a recent article by SHRM, talent, economic and supply chain issues are expected to continue, while myriad political views will take center stage during this election year. HR leaders must navigate a rapidly changing landscape while keeping their […]

Prevent Freezing Pipes in Extreme Cold

It’s that time of year again: cold snap season. Plumbing systems can freeze when temperatures take a sudden nosedive past the freezing mark, or 32 F. And when water freezes and expands within a pipe, the pipe can burst. Here are some tips to protect your plumbing during extreme cold: Turn one faucet to a […]

Why Is Your Deductible So High?

As we move past the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s tough to predict how much health care costs will increase. But one thing most experts agree on is that costs will indeed go up, anywhere between 4% to 10%. Prescription drug spending is also expected to rise. Rising health care costs Health care […]

What Is a Non-Admitted Carrier and When Might You Use One?

Getting insurance can be challenging if you have an unusual risk, a lot of risk or a hefty claims history. These “hard-to-place” risks are difficult to insure using standard insurance, also known as admitted carrier markets. Hard-to-place risk Admitted carriers typically gravitate toward predictable risk with considerable data to back it up. This helps them […]

Hire Better: Recruiting Tips for 2024

The turn of the calendar from one year into another is as good a time as any to review your HR processes, and recruiting is no different. Here are a few considerations to strengthen your recruiting efforts in the new year. We know that some vacancies are unexpected, but there also may be some that […]

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) – Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

Employees may contribute to an HSA only if they are enrolled in an HSA-qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP) and have no disqualifying coverage. Our Compliance team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responses to make offering and administering HSAs as easy as possible. 1. How do I know if the […]

Are Your Holiday Gifts Safe for Children?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports toy-related injuries led to 206,400 emergency room visits in 2021. Most of them involved children 12 and younger. To enjoy this year’s holiday gifts worry-free, educate yourself about the dangers of toys and how to keep your kids safe. Common toy-related injuries According to The Emergency Center, an independent […]

5 Before-Work Strategies To Improve Your Workday

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. To achieve a positive, productive effort at work, it helps to maximize your time before you clock in. Try these five strategies to establish a routine that jump-starts your morning and builds momentum for a better day: Make time Rushing to get ready starts […]

How to Craft an Effective Open Enrollment Communication Plan

Approaching the open enrollment period with a strong communication game will benefit you, your employees, and your business. People don’t appreciate what they don’t understand, and insurance tends to top the list. Every human resources and benefits administration professional knows that it’s challenging to engage employees in the open enrollment process. Benefit plans are riddled […]

Avoid Surprise Hikes to Your Medicare Premiums

Nobody wants to be surprised by higher premiums — especially in retirement. With Medicare Part B and Part D, there are strategies that may help you avoid increased monthly payments. The issue Most people receive Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) for free. But monthly premiums apply to every individual with Medicare Part B (medical insurance) […]

The Need for HR During Economic Uncertainty

In times of economic uncertainty, companies often cope with financial challenges by cutting budgets and HR operations. However, these cost-cutting measures often don’t solve the problem companies hope to resolve. Instead, these measures often lead to reduced employee engagement and high turnover, ultimately resulting in increased expenses. We recognize the importance of talent and HR […]

Autumn Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

The changing seasons are an excellent time for property inspection and cleanup. You might have missed maintenance issues over the summer. Or maybe the heat and rain brought new issues to the surface. Add these tasks to your maintenance rundown to prevent injuries and damage. Repair outdoor walking surfaces Start your examination in the client […]

Employee Retention Amidst Economic Turmoil

As the economy fluctuates and resources tighten, what can companies do to create an environment where employees will produce their best work? In tumultuous times, leaders often look externally at the market, clients, and prospects to ensure continued success. However, leaders must also take time to look inward at the culture of their company to […]

Homeowners, Solar Panels Are Green but Improper Insurance Might Make You Blue

Your rooftop solar system is installed, the panels are powering your daytime routine and you’re amped you’re doing your part to reach a zero footprint. Then the tornado touches down. Your home is destroyed, but it’s a covered peril, and your homeowners coverage responds without a problem. Your homeowners policy limit is $200,000. That’s just […]

Does Your Medicare Advantage Plan Meet Your Needs?

From a physical and financial health perspective, it’s wise to examine your Medicare Advantage coverage each year. Medicare open enrollment takes place annually from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. This makes fall a good time to start planning for the year ahead. The following considerations can help you determine whether your current plan meets your […]

Does Your Business Depend on an Irreplaceable Person?

Your business is a pillar of your community, and the name on the door is one that people recognize. Your business partner is a visible part of the brand you’ve spent years building, a cobranded asset that your clients and vendors have learned to trust. Think about what would happen if your partner suddenly died. […]

What Employers Should Know About FMLA and ADA Leave Requirements

Both of these federal laws, FMLA and ADA, have provisions involving employee leave, but eligibility and employer obligations vary. Employees seeking leave, changes to their work schedule, or other accommodations at work due to illness, injury, or ongoing medical treatments may have legal protections available to them under multiple laws. Several protections arise under two important […]

Do You Own a Recreational Drone?

Recreational drones, sometimes called unmanned aircraft systems or unmanned aerial vehicles, are growing in popularity every year. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports that more than 871,000 drones were registered as of January 2023. And the number continues to grow. That means a lot of new operators and a lot of new opportunities for fun […]

Has Your Commercial Property Insurance Kept Up With Values?

Record-high inflation is pushing up the cost of everything, including property insurance. Commercial real estate insurance rates are up by at least double digits this year, which insurers largely attribute to higher construction and replacement costs and more frequent disasters. Though the Insurance Information Institute reported replacement cost increases slowed down slightly in the second […]

How Fitness Benefits Can Help With Employee Burnout

Nearly half of U.S. employees are coping with burnout, according to a 2023 survey from Eagle Hill Consulting. In addition to personal struggles, burnout negatively impacts the workplace through increased health challenges, reduced productivity and higher turnover. As you seek ways to reduce employee burnout, remember the power of physical movement to improve mental health. […]

Human Error Is Biggest Cause of Business Data Breaches

While most business owners understand the growing problem of cybersecurity failures, many small and midsize enterprises don’t have the resources to hire expert cyber risk teams. That said, companies must do something to prevent major financial losses from cyber incidents. The good news is it’s doable, because the overwhelming majority of cyber-related losses at small […]

What to Know About Internship Compensation

Minimize your Employment Compliance Risk by Getting Intern Compensation Right With summer comes an uptick in interns. Whether you have summer interns, or ones working for you during the school year, there are special considerations that should be given to interns, such as pay and ensuring a good learning experience. The Department of Labor is […]

Motorcycles and Insurance

Driving a motorcycle can be liberating, but it can also be dangerous. There are unique risks involving motorcycles, and accidents can be severe. The right insurance coverage is essential to protect yourself, your passengers, other drivers and your bike. Standard motorcycle insurance policies cover bodily injuries, property damage and liability to others. They can help […]